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    Ye only real online dating resource'th for Amish singles. - CORNHUSK4U

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    Amish dating customs help the Amish Church grow by promoting marrige within the church. Find out how Amish couples meet and court.

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    Amish have long lived in Canada, with roots in the country dating to the 1800s. Today Amish number nearly 5,000 in Canada, in over one dozen communities.

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    With a population of over 15,000, Wisconsin has fewer Amish than only Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. The Wisconsin Amish population is spread over nearly four dozen ...

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    Amish - History, Significant immigration waves, Settlement patterns, Acculturation and Assimilation A-Br

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    A dining room should be a place for the family to enjoy a meal and share their day the right furniture can play an important role in setting the mood.

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    Imagine that you are Amish. Take a minute to step into the Amish Culture. You'll discover that the things they do might not be as crazy as they seem.

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